reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

French translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

Traducción al Francés

traducción al francés

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

reasoned translation

Reasoned translation
Traductrice freelance

Over 10,000,000 words translated since 2005,
i.e. a volume equivalent to about 100 fiction novels.

And 0 word machine-translated...

Est-il besoin de le préciser ?
"[...] Ability to speak a language fluently does not necessarily confer a linguistic knowledge of it, i.e. understanding of its background phenomena and its systematic process and structure, any more than the ability to play a good game of billiards confers or requires any knowledge of the laws of mechanics that operate upon the billiard table."

Whorf, B. (2012). Language, Thought and Reality - Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf. Second edition. Science and Linguistics, p. 271. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Before buying (or offering) translation services,
make sure you get it.

Read standard ISO 17100:2015,

as well as these ITI guides:

- Translation: Getting it Right
- Translation is NOT a commodity
"The study of human communication can be subdivided into syntactics, semantics and pragmatics."

"In many ways, it is true to say that syntax is logic, semantics is philosophy and pragmatics is psychology."

Watzlawick, P., Beavin Bavelas, J., Jackson, D. D. (1967). Pragmatics of Human Communication: A Study of Interactional Patterns, Pathologies and Paradoxes. Ch. 1: The Frame of Reference. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. (2011).

At your service...

I translate from English, Spanish and Dutch to French (France and/or Belgium) and my specialisms are listed here.

Simply send your material for quality assessment to and I will get back to you with a quote within 4 business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm - UTC+1 on winter time / UTC+2 on summer time, or daylight saving time).


My approach is based on reasoned translation, so please do not expect word-for-word, machine-like translation.

In the US, this approach is generally referred to as TEP, or Translation-Editing-Proofreading.

To put it simply: to me, "translation" = "reasoned translation" = "TEP" (as this usually goes without saying in French-speaking countries).
And just as importantly, "editing" ≠ "distorting".

I translate to my native language only and always make sure your translated message reads like original French. Any inconsistency or error in your material will be checked and cross-researched as need be, and you will receive commented originals along with the translation to explain any relevant issue.[1]


"Transcreation" is the contraction of "translation" and "creation".

This term is more specifically used in marketing and advertising, to refer to the kind of creative translation required to adapt brochures, taglines, ads, marketing material, social media contents and copy, etc. that were initially designed for a given language/market/culture, in order to achieve the same perception and impact in another language/market/culture.

Localization and Quality Assurance tests

Localization refers more specifically to the translation of any text embedded in code, whether in software or websites.

Thanks to my previous 7 years of experience as a software developer, I am comfortable translating this type of content, either directly in code, or in Poedit, SDL Trados Studio or any other tool you may choose.

Quality Assurance tests are of course part of the software development DNA, so I am also comfortable performing quality assurance tests on your websites and/or interfaces after translation to French.

Editing, revision, proofreading and post-dtp check

When sending your material, please make sure you indicate clearly whether you require:
- editing, i.e. extensive correction of poor material to improve style, structure, readability and/or impact;
- revision, i.e. bilingual check against source text;
- proofreading, i.e. monolingual check without control against source; or
- review of files in DTP software format (I can review your files directly in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CC 2018 as well as Word and PowerPoint 2016, or in PDF format).


I provide transcription services of audio files in French and English. Thanks to my academic background and my 13 years of experience as a translator, I am comfortable with a wide variety of subjects.


I provide voice-over for corporate trainings, documentaries, audiobooks, etc.

Here are some samples of my voice in French, English and Spanish.

Please note French part from 0:15 to 2:27 involves some acting as it is an extract from “Parler pour ne rien dire” (which might translate as "Empty Talk"), a piece by Belgian-French humorist Raymond Devos, best known for his sophisticated puns and surreal humor.
His house in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse (Yvelines, France) became a museum on November 7, 2016, dedicated to his work and foundation.

[1] To a reasonable extent. Poorly drafted/reviewed originals requiring an excessive amount of clarifications/comments/explanations will lead to a surcharge. Back to text

« [...] Mal nommer les choses, c'est ajouter au malheur de ce monde.
Et justement la grande misère humaine, [...] c'est le mensonge ».

~ Albert Camus, Sur une philosophie de l'expression, Poésie 44, revue clandestine de Pierre Seghers (n° 17, décembre 1943/janvier-février 1944).
Étude reprise dans les Œuvres complètes, vol. II, collection La Pléiade, Gallimard, pp. 1671-1682.
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